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You can see all the videos from and related to the Home album on Youtube.

Be Seeing You… the Rover Mix

A new video for the remix of “Be Seeing You” is now online. Prisoner fans: pay attention! Be seeing you…

The video can be seen by clicking here.


A video for the song “Home” is now online. Home is the title track of the album of the same name (available on this site). The video was written and  directed by Valérie Sandrossian and filmed by Quentin Vaillant.

The video can be seen by clicking here.

Gone to the Beach

Just a bit of fun with the song “Gone to the Beach” from the “Home” album. Basically, I made my own cartoon…

To watch the video click here.

Wall Street Song

Wall Street Song is a little something for all those people occupying Wall Street and other places… Though I think that Country Joe McDonald could have done better, this is my take on the protests… Go on and OCCUPY!

To watch the video, click here.


The French (and original) version of the Home album’s “Be Seeing You”, played live at La Boule Noire in june 2011 with Les Mêmes (Olivier Guilland on drums, Jean-Marc Joannès on bass and myself).

Click HERE to watch.

Bruits de Trottoir

Bruits de Trottoir is part of my French Rock repertoire. Music by Max Leduc, Alain leduc and Myself, whereas, the text is by Valérie Sandrossian. Here, played by “Les Mêmes” at the Batofar in Paris in March 2011.

Click HERE to watch.

Stray Cat Strut

Hey, when you play an orange Gretsch, you have to play Stray Cat Strut at least once! Here, live with Les Mêmes at the Alhambra (Paris, FRANCE) in April 2010.

Click HERE to watch.

Cadillac Willy

Cadillac Willy (one of my French language songs) played live at the Alhamrah (Paris, FRANCE) in April 2010. The bans is “Les Mêmes” (my band at the time – with Olivier Guilland on drums and Jean-Marc Joannès on bass).

Click HERE to watch.

J’m’éclate au Sénégal

Ahhh… Gaz ‘Oual…

Click HERE to watch.